Dark Reflection Ritual: Is there any truth to this?

BLOGGER’S NOTE: Just encountered this randomly in my searches regarding rituals for good luck/bad luck. It sounds authentic but seems real creepy to me, nevertheless I am just reposting this and opening it to comments or opinions as to the reliability and advisability of this procedure.

Here’s what you’ll need to do this ritual:

  • A mirror of any type.
  • A candle of any size or color.
  • Friends to do it with (Optional, but highly suggested).

I should probably warn you, once you begin this ritual, there is no way to stop it. What I’m saying is, don’t start it unless you are planning to finish it.

Have you ever broken a mirror, by accident or on purpose? Have you ever looked into a mirror and felt like there was something watching you from the other side, or seen something sinister lurking within the eyes of your own reflection? You’ve probably heard the legend that breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck.

Legends about mirrors have been around for hundreds of years. In particular, some ancient civilizations believed that there was a sort of purifying effect to mirrors. They believed that, by looking one’s reflection in the eyes, it would transfer a person’s negative energy into the reflection in the mirror. They believed that this had a cleansing effect, but also hidden dangers. That’s why breaking a mirror has been known to cause bad luck. Think about it, if this is true, then every time you look into a mirror you are transferring negative energy into it. Can you imagine just how much negative energy is just sitting there inside your bathroom mirror? When you break the mirror, that negative energy is released and causes bad luck for everyone around it.

For this ritual to work, you will need a mirror that you don’t mind breaking. According to the manifesto, both the risk and the eventual reward for this ritual are stronger depending on how old the mirror is. It makes sense if you think about it, an older mirror has been looked into more, and therefore, has more negative energy inside of it.

In order to begin the ritual, you must look your reflection in the eyes, transferring your negative energy into the mirror one last time. You only need to do this for a few seconds. Then, you need to lean forward and breathe onto the mirror, making it fog up with your breath. My sources refer to this as “anointing the mirror with your breath”. At first, you might find this strange, but do a little digging and I think you’ll find that the word “breath” once meant something similar to “spirit”. By breathing on the mirror, you are symbolically linking yourself to the mirror and to the negative energy contained inside. This linking is critical to the success of the ritual.

Everyone in the group needs to do this step as well, before moving on to the next one. After this is completed, you can light the candle. Use the candle to burn the mirror, this agitates the negative energy inside. You only need to do this for a few seconds, or until there is a noticeable black mark on the mirror. Note that the longer you do this for, the more agitated the negative energy will become.

After this, the final step is breaking the mirror. Once this step is done, I suggest you start running. You see, it’s actually a common misconception that, when a person breaks a mirror, they will be followed by bad luck. This is not true. When a mirror is broken, the bad energy stays in one spot, near the broken mirror, until it eventually dissipates. Or, at least, normally it does.

If you completed the above steps, then you have tied yourself to the negative energies, through the medium of your breath. This means that the negative energy will pursue you wherever you go. This is why I said earlier that it would be best to complete this ritual with a group. If there is only one person doing this ritual, then all the negative energy will pursue that one person, but if there is a group, then the negative energy will be spread more thinly. This increases your odds of survival.

Bad luck will follow you throughout the night. At first, it will start out as small incidents, a chipped nail or a flat tire. The incidents will begin to escalate though as increasingly horrific things begin to happen around you. Eventually, these incidents will become life threatening, no matter how many people you did the ritual with. Like I said, don’t start this ritual unless you’re planning to finish it.

The only piece of advice I can give you for surviving the night is to remember that the negative energy is linked to you through your breath. Your breath is how the negative energy detects you and so, if you find yourself in a bad situation, try holding your breath. This should make you temporarily invisible to it. Of course, you can only hold your breath for so long…

Still, this technique might provide you with a few extra seconds to get out of a dangerous situation.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself why on earth anyone would ever engage in this ritual. Why would anyone ever risk their life like this? Well, most people who try this probably didn’t think that it would actually work, but there is a reason beyond that.

The bad luck will chase you throughout the night, but if you manage to survive until dawn, not only will you find that your run of foul luck has ended, but that a new streak of good luck is about to begin. The first lights of dawn have a special, purifying property. If you survive until the morning, then the negative energy inside the mirror will be purified and will re-enter your body, filling you to the brim with positive energy. After this, everything will seem to go your way. You’ll find that people are generally nicer to you and that the opposite sex are extremely attracted to you (or the same sex, if that’s your thing). You will succeed at everything you do, whether it be a job interview, an important exam, or a business venture. I would highly suggest buying a lottery ticket.

It should be noted that the amount, and duration, of your good luck will be equivalent to the amount of negative energy that was in the mirror. If you just bought the mirror at the store then the good-luck will only last a couple of days and will not be all that severe. If you use an old mirror though, then your lucky streak will be far more powerful and it may last for months or even years, if you had an old enough mirror. If you use a mirror that has a more personal connection to you, such as a bathroom mirror or a mirror from your bedroom, then the good fortune you experience will be more suited to your particular tastes and desires.

One more thing I should probably warn you about is the timing of the ritual. The ritual needs to be started after sunset and with at least six hours until dawn. Two common tricks that people try to use in regards to this ritual are starting during the daytime and starting a few minutes before dawn.

Starting near dawn is probably the least dangerous of these little cheats. If you start near the dawn then the negative energy will not have enough time to fully manifest before being purified. The energy will then simply dissipate into the air rather than doing anything and you will probably walk away thinking it was all a gigantic hoax.

Starting during the day is more dangerous. People start during the day thinking that the daylight will instantly nuke the bad energy and keep them safe. This is not true. Notice that I said it was the lights of dawn that have the purifying power, not the light of day. By starting during the day, you actually give the bad luck more time to pursue you and thus decrease your odds of survival significantly.

You know, a lot of people might call you stupid or crazy for trying to attempt this ritual. I wouldn’t, though. I can understand the thinking that goes into it. I can understand wanting to take control of your luck, both good and bad, rather than accepting the seemingly random twists and turns that life seems to throw at us.

by BishopStorm at CREEPYPASTA Wiki


The Best Times to Burn Your Candles to Attract What You Want

The eternal flame has played a role in human spirituality since man first discovered fire. This is the origin of candle use for spiritual intention. There is a misconception that candle burning is negative, but the reality is candle burning is a part of virtually every spiritual denomination.

Candle burning is quite intricate. There are certain days best for certain candle prayers, and there are also certain times within the lunar cycle that are best for certain types of affirmations. There are even different energies attracted or repelled depending upon the color of the candle. Here are some of the best times to burn your candles to attract what you want.

Days of the Week

Throughout human history, the heavens have played a large role in man’s spirituality. The names of the planets are in reference to Roman gods, who were all based off of the Greek gods. There is a planetary body associated with each day of the week, and the characteristics of each planetary body are associated with colors. In order to invoke this ancient spiritual energy, people burn candles according to the color associated with the theme of their affirmation.

Sunday is, as the name suggests, the day of the Sun. It’s a great day for intentions regarding the banishment of negative energies. It’s also a good day for attracting healing energies. The color candles that burn best on Sunday are yellow, orange, and white. Anoint the candles with lavender oil or sage oil.

Monday is the Moon’s day. The moon is the representation of the feminine spirit, so it’s a good day for intentions involving communication. Things like reconciliation are best wished for on Mondays. The color candles for Mondays are the colors of the moon: white and gray. Use ylang-ylang oil and lavender oil to dress the candles.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war. Tuesday is a day associated with courage, which makes it a good day for wishes for a loved one to return safely from war. It also represents the courage to face personal struggles, as well as physical challenges. Any candle burned on Tuesday should be a shade of red. Ginger oil and clove oil are best for red candles.

Mercury, the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology, rules Wednesday. This makes Wednesday a day of communication, with a focus on business transactions. It’s also a great day for intentions involving the pursuit of knowledge. Yellow, purple, and gray candles are perfect to burn on Wednesdays. Anoint candles with frankincense or patchouli oil.

Thursday, ruled by Jupiter, is the perfect day for attracting luck and wealth. It’s also a good day for burning candles with the intention of attracting healing energies. Farmers should burn candles on Thursdays for a healthy and plentiful crop. Blue and brown candles burn well on this day. Anoint candles with rosemary oil or lemongrass oil.

Friday is the day of Venus, who was the Roman goddess of love and sex. This makes Friday the day to perform any affirmations regarding your love life. It’s also a good day to address any relationship or partnership in your life. The color candle that burns the best on Friday is pink. Ylang-ylang oil is a great oil to use on a pink candle.

Saturday is Saturn’s day, and it is the day for intentions regarding a major change in your life. It’s also a great day for those looking to pursue psychic wisdom, particularly in the realm of spirit communication. Affirmations for locating lost things should be done on Saturdays. This should be accentuated by burning either a gray, black, blue, or purple candle. Anoint candles with sandalwood or frankincense oil.
Candles and the Lunar Cycle

Many people believe the Moon has a special influence on the subtle energies that affect their lives.

The waxing moon is the phase where the Moon is progressing from new to full. This makes it a good time for any intention involving attraction. If you’re trying to attract a new job, a new lover, or more money, then you should be burning your candles during this phase.

The waning phase is when the moon is moving from full to new. This is the time for affirmations regarding removal. If you’re looking to keep a certain thing from happening, then you should burn your candles during this phase. It’s also the phase for anything that has to do with protection.

The new moon is the time to start new projects and set new goals. Lighting a candle during this phase can help you start anew with a fresh outlook.

The full moon is when the moon has completed its journey. It’s during this time when we celebrate all that we have accomplished and pay gratitude for all that we have. Lighting candles during a full moon is also helpful with motivation, self-improvement and increased psychic abilities.

The power of the burning candle is far beyond human comprehension. All that we know is certain days, and certain times of the lunar cycle, are essential for knowing the best time to burn candles in order to attract what you want.

From Original Botanica

Nighttime vs Daytime When Working Spells


I’ve been giving you lots of spells to work with lately. We know to work with the moons cycles when casting spells, and how the the planetary alignment can influence the energy that we raise. Another point on casting spells is the time of day that you cast it. So today I wanted to delve into that a bit with all of you for those of you who may not be familiar, as casting spells during the appropriate time of day can help contribute to the effectiveness of your spell as well.

Nighttime: As the Moon is out at night, nighttime energy is more feminine in nature. It’s a time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. Spells worked at night should be more personal and emotional in nature. You are appealing to the Mother Goddess. 🙂 An example of a spell during this time would be one to connect with the Goddess, spells to do with love, relationships, etc. Midnight would be the most powerful time to cast these types of spells.

Daytime: Since the Sun is out during the day, the energy would be more masculine during this time. This time is better spells that are more active and energetic, may require strength or aggressiveness. Some examples of spells to work during the daytime would be ones that pertain to business, money, motivation or groups. High Noon would be the best time to cast these types of spells.

Dawn and dusk are those periods of transition. These times are best for meditations, and spells that may be blurred between the two energies. For example, if I were working a spell for a job, but that job was extremely personal to me, I was after it more for personal fullfillment then monetary reasons, you may wish to cast it at dawn or dusk.

You may want to consider if you are working with a particular God or Goddess when working the spell as well. If you are working with a Goddess, I would cast the spell at night, when working with a God, during the day.

I hope this helps you on your journey! :))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

The Knots Prayer

Get rid of the knots in your life and the nots in your head holding you back.

from Wicca Teachings

Please untie the knots
that are in my mind,
my heart and my life.
Remove the have nots,
the can nots and the do nots
that I have in my mind.
Erase the will nots,
may nots,
might nots that may find
a home in my heart.

Release me from the could nots,
would nots and
should nots that obstruct my life.

And most of all,
I ask that you remove from my mind,
my heart and my life all the ‘am nots’
that I have allowed to hold me back,
especially the thought
that I am not good enough.