Other Satanic Codes of Conduct

  • Always ask the big question. “Why?” Never assume someone else to be correct without investigating it yourself. One false belief can be a downfall.

  • Never let any man or woman think they bested you. When someone talks to you, or interacts with you, show them your dominance. Never let anyone challenge you intellectually without letting them leave with a headful of new knowledge to contemplate.

  • Live your life to the fullest of your own gratification. You only answer to yourself, and no one else.

  • Humans have invented hundreds of Gods. If you need one, pick one that suits your particular needs and orbits best, not the one that is currently the most popular.

  • Do not mock the spirits. It is hypocritical to summon a spirit for help, then form a protective barrier against that same spirit you summoned!

  • You may have sex with anyone you want, so long as they are adult consentual partners. A child or animal cannot express its desire to not have sex, neither can a drunk girl. These types of activities are violation of their will, and very un-Satanic.

  • White magic and black magic were invented with the sole purpose of controlling the mind of the practitioner. To create boundaries that don’t exist between the realm of knowledge and the realm of crude matter. Indeed, once these beliefs become subconsciously embedded, they can become a powerful vehicle for control, so powerful in fact that a magician performing a ritual will curse himself for his own subconscious belief!

  • Satanic rituals do not actually call forth demons, (in the literal sense). These type of rituals are only done by those who are in fear of the very things they are trying to summon. Now, a note here. Calling forth a demon requires extreme amounts of knowledge, and skill. I think that some of the laws Lavey put on Satanism were to prevent his practitioners from harming themselves, as indeed, that is strong magic to try to dabble in. After all, look at your average teenage/rebellious Christian teenager. Do you honestly want them practicing strong magic? LoL. Even then though, the amount of effort it would take to get the ritual to work is tremendous, and they’d either become trapped in their own delusions, or altogether frustrated.

From Satan4u.8m.com

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