CAT – Protects You and Your Home From Ghosts and Negative Spirits!

Edited from Conscious Reminder


One of the Most Magical Animals on Earth

The aura of the cat is so big that includes not only the individual but also the family, home, and territory that the cat is committed to.

Therefore, we must understand that when a cat rubs against your legs, it’s not only that it’s trying to get some food from you, but it also means that the cat is sharing its magic with you, its astral force. The one who pushes the cat away at this moment saying “leave me alone, get out” simply blocks that positive energy the cat was trying to give him or her. Next time the cat won’t share its astral force field with you and, as a matter of fact, it may even take some of yours.

Cats don’t only protect the home from evil spirits entering it, but it also protects the house from negative energies that resided there even before the cat came to the house. This is especially useful if you move to a home that belonged to other people before or a house where bad things happened.

Evil Spirits and Ghosts

When a cat senses a spirit in the house, the first thing it does is follow it around in order to figure out its intentions. To make sure that this astral entity won’t threaten its territory, the cat makes every attempt possible to expel it through her energy field displacement. If that doesn’t work, the cat traps the entity in its energy field and leads it out of the house. Hence, in some traditions, there are motives when an evil spirit rides or flies on a cat.

So, pay close attention to your cat and notice whether it keeps returning to a certain spot in the house, keeping a tense posture, and obviously staring at something. Such a behavior can be a sign of an evil presence. To help your animal to get rid of any evil spirits, read a prayer over the spot or do a cleansing ritual.  If you don’t know any prayers or rituals, you can simply burn some White Sage – it’s a powerful way for getting rid of negative or stale energy.

The cat’s astral field is so strong that it can easily chase any negative entity away. For this reason, people who communicate with spirits don’t allow cats in the room where a seance is taking place . It can scare the astral beings. However, in some cases, the presence of cats during magic rituals is very encouraged.

Russians used to have a very interesting ritual: when moving to a new place of residence they first let a cat in the house. If the house is old, the cat takes care of all the unwanted negative energy – a remainder from the former owners. If the house is new, it demands “a ransom,” which represents a powerful energy charge that a cat can give.

Cat Healing

A great use of cats’ magical powers is found in healing. Cats of any breed and color have the ability to treat and may inadvertently treat their masters, lying on their sore spots. One of the easiest methods of treatment with the help of a cat – a simple stroking – releases people from mental and emotional stress. In healing, cats are used to improve vision too. To this end, some healers advise to pet the tail of a white cat.

In terms of psycho-emotional effects on humans, cats with congenital (not acquired!) main features of the body structure and facial (Scottish fold, Persians and Exotic, Bobtail, sphinxes, munchkins, Rex) have double magic powers!

Cat Color Determines Your Need

Those people who are going to use the magical properties of the animal need to know how to choose a cat. In some cases, you need a black cat, and in others, a red-haired cat. When choosing a cat for a magical procedure, it is very important to take their color into consideration.

  • Black: Witchcraft, occult powers, protection, deep magic. Despite all the superstitions, the beasts of color take negative energy, removed the trouble of households, grant wisdom and discernment.
  • Red (red) cats and cats: The classic witches’ moon, full of male power, the power of the sun, Yang energy. Regardless of the cat’s sex, the representatives of this color are the magic of wealth, money, focus.
  • Blue (gray, smoky gray): Cats of this color bring love, happiness, good luck, as well as emotional stability and sensual peace.
  • White: Cats and sorcerers create lunar magic and have powerful healing powers, give people a sense of beauty and admiration, relieve stress, give out healing and recharging energy. In America, they are considered a good omen.
  • Colorpoint (Siamese), the royal color! Cats with the color of diluted Siamese temples, jealously guarding the purity of the color. Cats of this color bring fame and success, longevity, help in the solar magic, Yan energy.
  • Calico (three-colored) – Cat supreme goddess. The classic three-color combination – white color varieties (maiden), red (parent: the mother and father), and deep black – color of magic! This color is associated with the triple goddess. Calico cats are good luck and on land and at sea, keep home and family from harm, bring happiness and prosperity.
  • Two-tone (black and white, orange-white, gray and white): According to legends, two-colored cats are the best mousers and very friendly. They allow the energy of wisdom, understanding, and common sense.
  • Tortoiseshell: Women’s magic, because this color pattern is inherited only by females. Children, pure magic, the giver of clairvoyance, healing.
  • Golden, golden brown (like the Abyssinian): Revered temple cat, playful, wise, regal, which bestows grace, helps to master age-old wisdom, solar magic.
  • Tabby (striped): Smiling Cheshire cat, which bestows good luck, light, cheerful attitude to a situation, even the most critical, energizing humor, and fun.

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