Satanic Praise

“Supreme among the heavens, fallen only in Legend”. The Earth at your very feet, man and woman for your pleasures and desires. You make the heavens tremble and the earth quake when you call out to your followers and priests. You appear like lightning over the highlands; you throw your power in fire across the Earth. You’re deafening in command, whistling like the South Winds, You split apart great mountains. You trample the disobedient like rampant bulls; heaven and earth tremble for you are great in every way. Your frightful cry descending from the darkness devours its victims, to your pleasure. Your quivering hand causes the midday heat to hover over the sea, and sweat the brow of society. You are the commander of the day and the destroyer of the night, You are truly The Lord and Master. Satan you are in my heart and my soul and I follow you till death, when I will stand beside you. You are my ruler! Hail Satan  – by Grand Magister Blackwood

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