Prosperity Prayer

I offer respect and homage to all living beings, for they have come from great abundance and shall return to it. I offer up my strong mind to be blessed and made pure by the first light of the morning sun. The light of the sun of a new day flows through me, a fire of gold, silver, and all precious things, whose light destroys all my financial obstructions. All prosperity comes to me, burned upon my being by the sun’s great heat. All poverty is cleared from me by the sun’s great heat, never to return. I shall bring achievement of all good things—the soul, the body, and the daily mind—into the households and the hearts of all I meet, for they shall share in my good fortune. Money comes to me and stays for the rest of my days. Value calls to me, bringing me insight, foresight, patience, and thrift. My heart is made still, serene in humility before all abundance that brings me all peace.

Say this prayer aloud with conviction every morning, facing the morning sun, then clap slowly 13 times. IT WORKS!!!

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