Thanksgiving Prayer to Satan

Satan for all the things you mean to me, I thank you for the joy in my heart, the life in my spirit. I give you thanks Satan, Father, you give me a reason to live. You give my life meaning. Every day is a treasure in which you encourage me to grow. You nudge me to enjoy every minute. The signs you give me, I treasure. The dreams you send, they guide me. Your presence reassures me I am not alone, for that there are no words. Energy you give when I am weak. Strength you pour into my being when I must walk the difficult walk. When I am sad, you comfort me. When people hurt me, you let me know you are on my side. You are everything I will ever need. You are my Father, who I go to with everything. My Teacher, who guides me in all knowledge. My Protector, when I am in danger. My Creator, who made me who I am. And above all, Satan, you are my God with whom I will spend eternity. Thank you, with all my heart. Thank you, from the depths of my spirit. Thank you, with all that I am. AVE SATANAS!

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