Prayer for Satan’s Protection

When on the path of Satanism, we seem to be under attack by the enemy. Satan and the demons protect us from many of these attacks. But at times it might seem overwhelming and we need help in getting rid of these pests. If we are still new and cannot handle this on your own, we can perform this ritual. But as we progress, we may try to do things on our own.

But remember, new or highly advanced, Satan and the Demons are always there for us.

Have a prayer written out to Satan stating your reason for needing protection, how you feel/worry and how you would like to be protected.

First, recite the following prayer:

O Mighty Lord Satan, by whom all things are set free, I cast myself utterly into thine arms and place myself unreservedly under thy all powerful protection. Comfort me and deliver me from all of the hindrances and snares of those who wish to harm me, both seen and unseen. Visit justice and vengeance upon those who seek my destruction. Render them powerless and devastated. Direct their malice to return upon them tenfold and to destroy them who would resent my being. Fill my soul with thy infernal power, strengthen me, that I may persevere in my service, and act as an agent of thy works and a vessel of thy will. This I ask in your name, almighty and ineffable Lord Satan who liveth and reigneth forevermore.

Now this is the time to read and burn your prayer. As always, release the ashes outside.

Of course, don’t forget to end it with a big


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