Blue Candle Spell Against Depression And Anxiety

Recently, I was confronted with a sort of drama regarding some old unsettled debt that came to life out of nowhere. I don’t know why I reacted so adversely to this when, in fact, during the early years of this debt when every collector came running after me day by day I was braver and more tolerant. Now that it’s been 8 years and I was just nudged with a plain e-mail, all the fears set in to the point of paranoia. I suspect this was the effect of that recent September 28 Super Blood Moon Eclipse on me. Another suspicion, too, is I might have been under psychic attack by enemies. At any rate, this spell that I found, a Blue Candle Spell Against Depression and Anxiety, was great help. As we know, BLUE is Satan’s color. So I’m sharing it here hoping that all other Spiritual Satanists who are under attack may be able to turn to this ritual and significantly shield themselves emotionally. Though the procedures may sound neutral here, I did combine this spell with the Invocation to Satan and yes, ended it with a big HAIL SATAN!

So here it is:

Take a piece of paper, parchment is best, but normal paper will do just fine, write on it with a black pen all the things you are depressed about or that causes anxiety. When you feel that you have written up all the things that cause anxiety and depression, do not be shy here, write up every reason, not matter how silly they sound, and believe me the reasons for depression and anxiety can be quite silly, but they still make you feel bad, sometimes bad enough to be a real problem; so onto the paper they go, do not be ashamed of them. Then light a blue candle, sit before the candle and hold the piece of paper. Say these words:

“I give my pain, my doubt and my fear,
to this blue light’s healing flame.
Burn away these dark ideas,
Make me whole and make me free.
I am strong and standing straight,
unaffected by such cruel blight.”

Burn the note you have written and sit and look at the candle for a little while, thinking about your worries and fears and seeing them burn away, then let the candle if possible burn all the way down and return to the activities of your day.

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