Born with a hatred for authority

I grew up in an environment of extreme, unreasonable authority. I grew up under an unjustifiably authoritarian rule. I grew up with an unreasonably authoritative father.

Contrary to the expectation that I would imbibe such stupid value and practice it myself, the exact opposite encompassed my personality. I HATE AUTHORITY. I learned to abhor it, I learned to curse it, I learned to despise it.

I HATE AUTHORITY. Be it in the office, in the home, in a relationship, and worst all in RELIGION.

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN AUTHORITY. First, I’m TOO SMART to subject myself to it. Secondly, it’s counter-productive [work] and counter-fruitive [love and relationships] if i exercise it. Thirdly, I don’t believe it is the right tool to achieve order and balance in a group or in society as a whole. Lastly, it’s plainly BULLSHIT. We’re done with patriarchal rule. We’ve bid goodbye to that, long ago.

So how do I maintain order? My home is a perfect example, a home on which I invested tears and blood just to establish. Right now, I have my Mother and my partner with me. Done with eliminating the authoritative swine dad. I pay for everything in that home, so apparently, it is but JUST that I should rule. There is a THRONE which everybody SET at will for me to SIT ON and rule.

However, I AM NOT DOING IT. I choose to ELIMINATE that THRONE. We all set rules, WE THREE AGREE ON THEM, and WE THREE follow them. When one ceases to follow any of these rules, that is when CHAOS will begin. Fortunately, there is peace, there is order, and there is BALANCE in this setup, so ANYBODY who we allow to set foot on my home SHOULD FOLLOW THE SET RULES to avoid chaos. I MYSELF FOLLOW THESE RULES.


The key to it all: RESPECT. Where one is happy, LET HIM be. SUBMISSION IS NOT RESPECT. With an authoritarian rule, there may be balance, there may be order, but there can’t be any form of happiness and peace — just PLAIN SILENCE but with DEEP unspoken RESENTMENT, PLAIN STILLNESS brought about by STUPID SUBMISSION to UNREASONABLE and FALSE AUTHORITY.


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